Welcome to All and Nought School of Thought. All'n'None is a scientific theory that explains existence precisely (mathematically) and can measure the amount of existence in each being. This tool enables mankind to measure/comprehend both physical and metaphysical objects (both Moumenon and Phenomenon); therefore it can be considered as a breakthrough scientific achievement. This theory merges Science, Philosophy and Religion into a super knowledge.

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All'n'None is a scientific Theory not only to explain but also to deepen Hermeticism. It is a Theory for EVERYTHING and NOTHING. It merges Physics, Philosophy and Religion disciplines in to a higher level of knowledge. It is a Mystical, Epistemological, Coherent, & Practice-oriented theory. It is a Model for explaining Ontology, Cosmology, and Theology. It is The First and only Theory for formulating Existence


Let explain better the Ontology and Theology

Let understand the meaning of "Truly without deceit, certain and most veritable; that which is below, corresponds to that which is above, and that which is above, corresponds to that which is below, to accomplish the miracle of the One thing. And just as all things have come from this one thing, through the meditation of One Mind, so do all created things originate from this One thing, through transformation".

Hermes Trismegistus



Martin Heidegger the forerunner of existentialism philosophy, believes that the answer to this question would be the most seminal challenge of philosophy of all times, and poses the question as to why there is something instead of nothing. How is existence created out of nought?

Martin Heidegger

Let answer to this fundamental question



To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven. The same key opens the gates of hell. And so it is with science. "You are unlikely to discover something new without a lot of practice on old stuff, but further, you should get a heck of a lot of fun out of working out funny relations and interesting things."

Richard Feynman

Let prove to Physicists the nature of Action, Consciousness, space,...


A Report by DR. Sheridan Mitchel and her colleagues

An In-depth comprehensive report for assessment and verifying factual information, fact-checking process, and thoughtfully academic inspection of the accuracy of scientific discussions of the All'n'None Theory. Conducted by:

Sheridan Mitchel, Astrophysics PhD researcher, University of London

Noah Bryson, Biochemist and Molecular Biologist, London College of Science

Amanda E. Evans, Philosophy & Cognitive Science MA, NCH London


Report by prof. Marcus Weston

A report by Prof. Marcus Weston, exclusively written for the Religions section of the book:
The general view that this theory illustrates, shows how the universes and all beings came to exist from nothing. And the “nothing” from which everything arises, is outlined in a research-based context and measured with mathematical precision, although this accuracy can’t be confirmed or denied by me. Interestingly, the author holds an entirely research-based look at the debate of creation with no part left out, even the topics that are usually assumed “unscientific” and brought the whole creation into the concept of religion through numerous chapters from different new angles.



There are several Critique articles published by prominent scholars about the all'n'None theory. We encourage you to check the Review and critique section of this site for the latest critique articles.


In any case, what we have to accept today is that this theory has come to make drastic changes in our beliefs, and whether these changes will improve us as humans or not, only time will tell.


Professor of Philosophy


In a glance, All’n’None is a reasonable theory that one thing is incontestable and cannot able to be disputed about it, that is we have never heard such thing before that is quite a brand-new idea and still have a long way to go

Prof J. Bearne

Professor of Philosophy


All'n'None is a theory that has ascended from the hypothesis level, but not all its dimensions have been determined yet, though it has a chance to move to a higher level.

Prof.M.C. Cole

Professor of Philosophy