About Us

About Us

This site is designed not only to promote ALL and Nought book to the public; but also to act as a place to collect and store all reviews , critiques, publications, comments, discussions and debates about the All’n’None theory. 

“All and Nought”, is the title for the book that present All’n’None theory.


All’n’None Theory overview

The Book Title

All And Nought

The Synthesis of Science, Philosophy, and Religion


Mystical, Epistemological, Coherentist, Practice-oriented, Model-based  Physics, Metaphysics, Ontology and Theology

The First and only Theory for formulating "Existence",

A Theory for everything and nothing

A Theory not only to explain but also to deepen Hermeticism

A theory not only to explain “ALL” but also “ NOUGHT”

What make the theory so unique

 1-      It is the first and only scientific theory that can formulate and explain the “Existence”.

2-      It provides measurement system to calculate existence of a being

3-      It unifies sciences with religions.

4-      It addresses all the aspects of human’s life.

5-      It sheds light to the most complex and confusing concepts.

6-      It is the only scientific approach to the Theology.

7-      It is plotted and written in a clever format to be useful at the same time for both experts and population.

Primary audience

Physicists,Philosophers,Humanities,Psychologists,Neurologists,Managers,  Sociologist, Politicians as well as all religion scholars. 

Secondary audience

Most of the people, in general, are the target of this book. Every normal human being will find this book important in his life no matter of his level of knowledge. This book is written not only for minds but also for souls. 

While the book is so thoughtful and most parts of it are quite technical but it is written in a way that every single person can enjoy reading it and learn from it.

It is an inspirational book, which looks to the religions and beliefs scientifically. It proves divinity and convinces the reader that he is in good hands and the nature (reality) takes care of him. Scientists will find it hard science as articles can be found in journals. Normal peoples will find the book evidence-based and convincing and will believe it since they are already in the reality and their souls feel the reality.

This is similar to the sense of beauty. The observer may not know how much superior the art of an artist is but immediately he can notice the beauty that talks itself.

The book will provoke debates since it challenges the most fundamental assumptions in science and religions both and will be a source of several discussions in years to come. In universities, professors will not be able to remain silent and in religious schools, scholars will not be able to deny the theory.

Scholars will use the theory to decode the Bible, Quran and Zohar,… and many new articles and books will be created.

To make the book suitable for every person, Chapters 6 and 11 have been added to the book. These chapters are designed for almost all adults and all tastes and interests. They address the most popular issues in a normal person’s life. It includes subjects such as the process of success and the law of attraction, psychology (depression, obsession, infidelity), metaphysics (soul and spirit, death and after death life), technology and the application of All’n’None theory on robotics and genetics, the emergence of Homo Dues, the management and organizations, the sociology and the process of globalization and the future of societies and international politics.

Chapters 1, 2,3,4 are pure popular science; chapters 5 and 7 are advance philosophy and physics, they are the most important scientific discoveries that provoke scientific analysis, discussions, and debates in academies, schools, and congresses; Chapters8,10,12, are anthropology, Chapter 9 is the methodology of the conclusion; chapters14,15,16 are Theology, this part is the most attracting part of the book where Christians, Muslims, and Jews will find it so important to read. These are the chapters that will be studied and discussed in religious schools. This part will generate the element of surprise to the scholars and population and provoke the deepest discussions and debates.
Academic Value

The theory is a brand new theory in Philosophy, Physics, Psychology Biology, Anthropology, and Theology.

In philosophy, it clears what is existence and how it can be measured. In physics, it clears what is the nature of Space, Dimensions,Force,Energy, Complexity,Entropy,Memory,Dark matter,and Dark energy. In Psychology, it clears what is the nature of Consciousness, Mind, cognition, Soul, and Spirit. In Biology, it clears what is Life and evolution. In Anthropology, it clears what is the major difference that separates sapiens from other products of life, the evolution of societies and civilizations, and the process that result in emergence of Homo Deus. In Religions, it clears what are the 5 worlds and realms and their relationships, what are the core concepts of the 5 major religions and their relationships; It shows how they look at the same reality from different angles. In theology, it clears the concepts of gods and The God, The father and the Son, Kabbalah and the tree of life, The salvation, and the piece of sapiens. 

This is a scholarly valuable theory.

What problem does this theory solves?

 The most fundamental questions of mankind will be answered scientifically.
Who I am? What do I do in this world? Is a destiny destined for me? Who is the God and the creator of me and this world? What does he mean by my creation and why should I have to be created? What do I live for? How can I be happy? Will I be alive after death? How can I alleviate my suffering and weakness? Which force should I resort to in order to be safe? How can I finally be saved?

Enlightening mission

Audiences will scientifically understanding what existence is, How existence can be measured, And why existence exists.

One by understanding the concept of Existence heels and feels enlightenment. He finds his-Self full of motivation to construct his meaning and the meaning will give him the passion (Love’n’Life)